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Searching historical data or documents

As you can see on the page Historic information, we are trying to provide historic data and information from the early days of NRAU. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have anything of interest.


The lastest version of the NRAU Constituion has been uploaded. You find it under About NRAU.

NAC and details

As we are still awaiting details (in English) regarding todays rules for the NRAU Activity Contest, the published information will still be scarce.

More will follow as soon as possible ...

Reworked webpage

A reworked webpage is now in place. Any required updates are welcome.

Domain changes

Ownership of the NRAU domain has been transferred to NRRL, and LA6IM Hans has taken on the task to revert the webpage contents to its original state.

NRAU meeting 2020

The last NRAU meeting took place over the weekend 5-6 September 2020. Due to required Covid-19 precautions, the meeting was held as a video-conference, where all the NRAU member societies participated.

Agenda and other documents will be posted here later.

Webpage status

The status of the officially published NRAU webpage (which also included both Baltic and other contest related contents) was on the agenda for this weekend's NRAU meeting. Awaiting agreed minutes for way ahead.

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